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I'm finally recovered from pulling all those epic all nighters to get… 
18th-Dec-2009 03:20 am
Ten and Martha, 2
I'm finally recovered from pulling all those epic all nighters to get my final work done for this semester. Seriously, the dread and stress I have felt for like the last 6 weeks is gone and I don't know what to do with myself. I feel bereft. Last night I was actually bored out of my skull. I think it's that I've just been so feverishly focused only on college (or the naughty procrastination where I AVOID college) that I have edged out everything else completely. Going to read a non-college book, spending family time, SHOPPING (oh be still my heart) and exercising are things I now actually have to readjust my thinking to remind myself that I DO have time to do them. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF.

Weird moment today as I was reading something about Duel in the Sun, which I watched for Film this semester. The VERY next thing I read was a news article saying the star of the film, Jennifer Jones had died age 90 (RIP). Really strange coincidence.

Was babysitting tonight, and introduced my 5 year old sister to the brilliance of The Goonies. Might have been a bit scary for her! That bit where Mama Fratelli threatens to cut out the kids tongues and they all clap their hands over their mouths and shake their heads - my sister unconsciously flinched and started backing away and shaking her head too. So funny.  The parents arrived home announcing that it was snowing. Cut to me dashing outside PYJAMAS AND ALL to squee in a gleeful and childlike manner at the teensy amount of snow on the ground. BUT STILL.

Tomorrow is my sister's first nativity play. She's a shepherd. I only remember two nativity plays of mine. In one I was an angel complete with halo fashioned out of a wire hanger and swathed in tinsel, and my first time, I believe I had been a sheep, LOL. I wore a sheep mask. Hilarity. My mother cracked up thinking of it.

Best thing ever happened today. Doing some Xmas shopping I happened upon a grey boyfriend jacket in Dorothy Perkins, E70 reduced to E9. I felt a little bad buying something for myself when shopping for others when I reminded myself that I was purchasing an awesome, well tailored jacket in the exact perfect size for my short-ass self, and that I was only paying E9 for it! I have been dying to replace the navy one that was stolen earlier in the semester with a heap of my stuff in my epically tragic bag-being-stolen debacle. The new jacket is way better than the old one anyway.

kefira  - here's an Alice/Hatter picspam in case you haven't seen it already!
19th-Dec-2009 04:14 am (UTC)
THANK YOU! So many awesome picspams. Loving them.

What exactly is a 'boyfriend' jacket? Post a pic if you can because I am all curious hehe. :)
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