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5th-Jun-2008 02:09 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
Am very nervous. My 4 year old sister just left to go for her introduction day for school. She's starting in September and all the Junior Infants have to go in today with their parents. I'm nervous because 1) she's a really cheerful and friendly girl, but kind of... er, obnoxious at times, and I hope the other girls aren't afraid of her more than anything and also 2) she is really unpredictable when she has a bad temper, and I really don't want her to start shouting at the other girls or the teacher. Oh crap. Now I'm really nervous. And yes, I know my sister sounds like a real brat, and she IS, but she's my sister and we have to take her how she is, however annoying it is. 

I have very distinct memories of my first days in school, I was the complete opposite. I was a very shy, polite and quiet girl, and my mother had to keep sitting with me at my desk to get me to stay, because I just wanted to go back home with her. OMG, that thought cracks me up now. 

Oh and our house is like a bomb hit it. It's always like that, but moreso now. We're trying to renovate, but we have to tidy up outside first, which means getting rid of so much stuff it's not even funny, and also doing something about the 34 dozen or so trees we trimmed or cut down last year. We've cut them into fire wood. We will now have enough fuel until 2050. I've enjoyed working on the garden and trimming the weeds and overgrown trees and stuff. It's so good for your anger management to just hack away like that at stuff. 

I also, lately, have an inexplicable hankering for a bike. I haven't had a bike in years, and now I really really want one to zip around Dublin on for college. I'm getting quite whiney over it now.

I really hope my sister hasn't thrown something at the teacher's head by now...
2nd-Jun-2008 10:04 pm(no subject)
Jack is Back

It seems as though those strange rumours going around that we were getting less Torchwood, along with less Doctor Who next year are in fact completely true. We're apparently getting only 5 episodes, which will be shown all in one week. I'm disappointed, but I supposed something is better than nothing. According to the link, it's going to play out like a mini series, the 5 episodes will tell one big story, basically. I suppose it being one story is the reason it's being played over the course of one week. I would have prefered 5 full episodes playing out over 5 weeks, but hey. I hope this means that Martha is in fact going to Torchwood. Even if she isn't there permanently for when the regular 13 episode schedule returns, I would like to see her in the mini-series. 

It seems as if the BBC have over extended their cheque books since bringing Doctor Who back in 2005. It may be the most sharply produced show on British television, but the special effects, the constant building of new sets and the role call of famous guest stars, along with adding on not one but two spin offs, now appears to have taken its' toll. A 'rest period' for DW is one thing, I definitely thought it was because they wanted to keep Tennant and so let him off to do other things - now with TW being cut, it seems they're basically just too poor to keep up with the high expenses of producing these shows. With all the promotion and merchandising though, it's a wonder. Is the DW franchise eating up all their money, preventing them from backing other, more varied shows? I mean, Bleak House was a huge success in 2005, and Little Dorrit is only being adapted now. Is that because the money to make it was only just freed up because DW and TW have been cut back? 

I have no idea how these things work. All I can do is speculate. I sincerely hope that Torchwood does return in 2010 along with Doctor Who though, with Barrowman still there. I know he's hammy, but he IS Jack!

1st-Jun-2008 11:40 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara

I just finished reading The Book Thief and have cried myself to pieces. It's an unconventional read, told from the point of view of Death as he recounts the story of one Liesel Meminger, a German girl moving to a foster home in Munich during World War 2. Having read a lot of books set in England during WW2, I found myself wanting to read one from the German point of view, and coincidentally found this book. It's a moving story, Liesel is getting over the death of her little brother, she forms an iron bond with her foster father, and her best friend Rudy falls passionately in love with her, and the constant threat of the war, and the ever encroaching Nazi rule on her life is heavily felt. Liesel and her foster family are virtually the only ones in the town opposed to Hitler / Nazism and the only ones who aren't anti-Semetic. I found that a little cliched, but the events that arose from those stances were so tear-jerking and sweet and terrifying. 

23rd-May-2008 02:19 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
Well it certainly looks like I'm going to have a LOT of shows to watch this autumn. It's weird to think we'll be going from a total drought of shows because of the strike into a big onslaught of awesome ones. I will of course be watching Heroes (lets hope it doesn't suck so much this time), Pushing Daisies (an entire season of its brilliance now), Ashes to Ashes, Ghost Whisperer, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and *takes a breath* can't think of anymore at the moment. 

And of course, the new shows - know for definite I'll be watching Dollhouse, not because it looks particularly interesting to me, but because it's from Joss obviously. I now also am completely intrigued by Fringe. It's another JJ Abrams spawn. I'm weary of his stuff though, because like with Alias and LOST I fear he'll lose interest, and just go off directing another batch of films and creating another batch of shows and forget all about it like he appears to have done with the aforementioned two other. In any case, seeing Denethor, son of Ecthelion, in a FOX show gives me much mirth, and Pacey off Dawson's Creek is a huge favourite of mine, so it's got those two YAY! factors going for it. Here's a trailer or two. The shorter one has some different footage to the longer. 

Fringe promo 1 (3.28)
Promo 2 (2.02)

I have also seen the absolutely brilliant BBC adaptation of Bleak House. I was blown away entirely by the excelllent pacing of what I believe is a very long and arduous book - I was hooked, racing through each episode. The acting was phenomenal, every actor embodied their character entirely. Even Dana Scully herself, Gillian Anderson, didn't overshadow my belief in her character Lady Dedlock, not one bit. She, along with John Jarndyce, Esther, Ada, Mr Tulkinghorn and many more totally astounded me in how well they played their characters. I'm completely excited for the next Dickens adaptation Little Dorrit now, especially because Freema Agymen's going to be in it. 

I've also seen North and South. Many in the Robin Hood fandom have fainting fits following each episode over how gorgeous and manly Richard Armitage is. I thought that his character was appalling and disgusting (as we're supposed to, because he's the villain) and I had no interest in him. But the actor - the actor is very good. The aren't-I-so-evil-yet-troubled thing didn't work it for me, but in North and South, playing that Mr Darcy type character his talents really shone through. Robin Hood, a family adventure, is frankly beneath him. Far, far beneath him. I don't know why people haven't paid more attention to his talents and screen presence yet. He deserves his own series, a nice big lead role. I'm mostly hoping he leaves Robin Hood, because it's a waste of his talents. North and South was excellent anyway, just excellent, I loved it as much as Bleak House. 
20th-May-2008 06:10 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara


Steven Moffat is taking over from Russell T Davies on Doctor Who. I won't lie - I got the shock of my life when I just found out. I often talked about how much I prefered Moffat's manner of writing more satisfying than RTD's. It's whimsical, emotionally affecting, it makes sense, the sci-fi conclusions aren't slap, bang, reset, and his character development is divine. 

Now this isn't a Hurrah RTD Is Gone! post, or an RTD bashing post, but I MUCH prefer Moffat's writing over RTD's. I found many of RTD's episodes, not to mention his plot lines and his character development, to be superficial, hurried, over the top and unsatisfying. Purely my opinion though. The man is a good writer, a successful writer, and he's pulled some cracky twists that I liked (Utopia, Doomsday). I never for a minute guessed that Moffat would actually get to take over though. It's like fan wank come to life. What next? They show the Time War? Eight makes an appearance? Ace comes back? ;o)

I have to say it's a sigh of relief from my corner that we're now free of RTD's more irritating vices, one of which is his preoccupation with Rose. Moffat wrote Rose in a very nice light, but he never canonised her the way RTD has. He's the one who gave us the Doctor falling for another woman with Rose right under his nose for frick sake! He's clearly got no particular Rose agenda. I think I can no square up Rose's sudden reappearance - RTD knew it was his final proper series and wanted to give his companion a big epic last hurrah. With Moffat on board, I doubt if we'll ever see Rose again after this. 

If Tennant stays on for series 5, I believe Moffat's writing of Ten will be steadier and make more sense as well. If only much of damage hadn't already been done. I can't wait to see what kind of companions he thinks up. I believe the standard 21st Century Female Londoner Companion of RTD's making won't be so prevalent anymore. Moffat is the one who suggested Jenny coming back to life, so maybe a father-daughter team is in store? Maybe more male companions too? And he certainly enjoys his period episodes, so maybe a historical companion too? 

I really feel refreshed as regards the DW fandom after this news. Given how bad the Martha saga made me feel about the show and RTD and even Ten, I'm extremely positive about what Moffat will bring to the series. Moffat has always had a Joss Whedon-y feel to me - his deep characters, his witty dialogue and his complicated plots are very Joss-esque. That is A Good Thing. To me, anyhow. 

DW has been starting to feel stale to me, especially this series. Donna is very different and Tate is a talented actress on all counts, but the episodes themselves feel tired and uninspired. Ten is predictable, same old ranting, same old bitchiness, same old everything. I think the nice long break and then Moffat breathing new life into the franchise will keep it going for another 4 or 5 years. This also makes me glad that DW has firm ground. I was afraid, given the break, that it was losing steam and the BBC were pushing it to this side. I'm glad that's not so.

17th-May-2008 12:25 am(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara

The trailer for Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse has come out. When I heard the concept - a house full of agents whose personalities are blank and can be imprinted with different personas for different missions - I thought it was interesting, but not exactly groundbreaking. Now that I've seen the trailer, I have to say that for the first time ever, I am less than impressed with something Joss has done. It looks generic. It looks like Alias, like Dark Angel, like any other super-skilled super-agent show out there. 

And I'm thinking that the evil denizens at FOX are promoting it so well for exactly that reason - it's nothing special. It's familiar and easy to market. It's not complicated, or kooky, or unique like Firefly was. It's just an action show. Maybe I'll be proven wildly wrong, this IS Joss after all, but I just wasn't blown away by the trailer. It looked mostly plotless. And Eliza Dushku just doesn't seem right for the main character. In Tru Calling because her power was her mind and not her body, I didn't keep getting reminded of Faith, but the way she's kick ass action girl in this it's just going to be Faith that I see.
18th-Apr-2008 03:29 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
List ten songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 10 songs. 

1. "Mercy" - Duffy
2. "Break The Ice" - Britney Spears
3. "Ashes to Ashes" theme tune - Edmund Butt
4. "The Might of Rome" - Hans Zimmer (Gladiator soundtrack)
5. "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" - The Righteous Brothers
6. "Bette Davis Eyes" - Kim Carnes
7. "Stargate SG-1" theme tune - Joel Goldsmith
8. "Billie Jean" - Michael Jackson
9. "The Second Element" - Sarah Brightman
10. "Souvenir" - Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark (Ashes to Ashes soundtrack)
(BONUS TRACKS - all of Kylie Minogue's "X" album!!!)

Listening to a lot of 80's stuff and pop, which is why there's so much of it on here. I go in and out of these phases where in can't stand pop, and I go in hardcore emo, and then classic rock, and then over to classical. I think the summer feeling and the constant sunshine here has put me in the mood for happy upbeat songs. 

I'm off to get coffee with my friend now, but I'll reply to comments on my recent posts later. Which reminds me, thank you everyone for their advice on my recent drama fest.
14th-Apr-2008 02:09 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
I'm having suspicions about the Doctor Who s4 series arc. Good suspicions.

9th-Mar-2008 09:04 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
- Rumour has it that the Sarah Connor Chronicles is likely to return for a second season. Am very happy. I love that show. Despite it being cut short by 3 episodes, the 9th ep / impromptu finale actually ended on a pretty nice cliffhanger. Meanwhile Brian Austin Green continues to be unbelievably awesome as Derek Reese. He manages to make him real - you like him for his good traits, you hate him for his bad ones. He's courageous and compassionate, but has a chip on his shoulder and is reckless. That scene with him and John in the park in the last ep was amazing. 

- Also, I hereby decree my love for Ashes to Ashes. As brilliant as Life on Mars was, I think I may like this spin-off better. I love LoM because of 1) how caring, protective and generally all round lovely kind of guy Sam was and 2) because I wanted to see why he was in 1973. But with AtA it's more - it's Alex, it's the fact that it's in the 80's which is a much loved era for me, it's the music, the fashion, the historical references, it's also the mystery with Alex's parents, it's even Gene and the gang who I didn't pay much attention to in LoM. I think Alex being a women gives it a new, more compelling angle, and setting it in a whole new era really makes it fresh. It's got connections to LoM, but it's really a complete standalone show itself. I especially love the white clown from Alex's hallucinations. A muchly admirable foe for the Frightening Little Girl Out of the Telly from LoM. She scared the hell out of me.

- Torchwood, oh you. Doing a silly, comedy episode, obviously not realising that most of series one seemed like one very long silly, comedy episode. Snark. 'Something Borrowed' was indeed highly silly. In the I'm laughing at you not with you kind of way. I found it enjoyable but mostly ridiculous. Tosh was good though. I like how even though it's a widely held opinion that she's desperate for any male attention - she's clearly not. She loves Owen and is mostly just doe-eyed with him because of this, whereas that bloke at the wedding who fancied her got totally pwned by her piercing glare and disdainful brush offs. The Jack/Gwen bits made me shudder, but I'm glad that it was all's well that ends well after all the drama. Gwen and Rhys's parents were very very funny. Owen continues to be superlative, while Ianto continues to be not bland, so good on Ianto!

- I, for some reason, bought The X-Files series 1. Oh all right, I know the reason - I'm still experiencing Stargate withdrawl and I think I was trying to throw myself into another long sci-fi show in attempts to save myself. Nope. Not working. Although, after seeing episode 1, I will admit that it's really intriguing. In X-Files' heyday I was but a wee one, and it scared me to death. I couldn't even stick the theme tune. It terrified me. Suffice to say, I never really got into it because of the aforementioned terror. It's good to catch back up on it now. I can also sympathise with the long running Mulder/Scully shippers - who I assume are out there - because even after one episode of Mudler's adorable little grins at Scully, and her clinging at him, I just want them to jump one another. I am aware that this was aired in 1992 though and 16 years later... the shippers still appear to be waiting. Oh dear.
5th-Mar-2008 09:17 am(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara

Am experiencing withdrawl symptoms. 

I sailed through my Stargate box set and reached the end of season 10 last night. *weeps* I have gotten so used to having new episodes to watch, to having more adventures with the gang to see that it's all weird and wrong now that I've reached the end. I was totally spoiled though by it being such a long series. I got into Firefly and had to savour every moment of the 14 episodes and 1 film. With Stargate I could just race through dozens of episodes, still with more amazing episodes and plot lines ahead. 

I thought the final episode, Unending, would have made an awesome stand alone. One of those that your mouth just drops open at, much like the Daniel goes to a parallel universe one or the one where O'Neill and Teal'c relive the same day over and over. However, it wasn't awesome when taken as a season finale - no, a series finale. I also hate how often Stargate uses the reset button. They teased us all the time with Jack/Sam, by showing their alternate selves married, or having them make out and then reverse time or what have you. Once Jack leaves, they move on to screwing with Daniel/Vala. Two seasons of Vala jumping Daniel in every episode and Daniel barely batting an eyelid and I was ready to force them to procreate by sticking them with cattle prods.

I nearly had a conniption at what finally happened between them in Unending. Daniel's rant at how he'd never ever choose to be with Vala and Vala crying and refusing to look at him and Daniel revealing his I'm-STILL-a-grieving-widower issues and Vala being all vulnerable and then he swoops down to her, sees her face and realises she's totally serious and totally in love with him and they have hot passionate sex??? So awesome on a magnificent level. And then of course we get the nope, sorry we're gonna RESET it all noq. Only Teal'c remembers. Crap sake. I keep telling myself it has to pan out somehow in the film continuations. All of my various limbs are crossed. 

I love Vala so much and don't get me started on Daniel. He's become my favourite character in anything ever... but my GOD he needs a woman. Every love interest in the series went to Daniel, before he ascended that is, yet when he returned, it was like he had no need for passion or intimacy, and was all single-minded and save-the-worldy. Every time a woman propositions him in the last few seasons, including the many times Vala strips naked for him (lol) he turns them down.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?! When his wife was alive and off being possessed by Amonet he had no problem having flings with other women but when she dies he goes all celibate??? ARGH.

I'm just pouty over not getting my ship to finally sail. It would've eased the sting of reaching the end of the series. Daniel got way too serious and hard in recent seasons compared to the romantic and tender Daniel at the beginning. Okay, character development. Pshaw. Who needs it? 

I feel like the powers that be at Stargate kept resisting any kind of romances though. When they finally gave Sam a life outside of the SGC, a love life at that, I nearly fell off my chair. And when they actually confirmed that O'Neill was in love was Sam I did the same. Too bad they never freaking commit to any of the teasers they give us - just like with Daniel and Vala. I am so bitter. Ten/Rose level bitter, ha. My ship didn't sail therefore I must grasp at any straw available and discredit any women Daniel even looked at besides Vala. Must get to that then.

23rd-Feb-2008 01:09 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
I am now the proud owner of the complete Stargate series. The box is awesome with a stargate sticking out on the front, but the organisation of the DVDs is absolutely dire. Basically it seems like they're the DVDs from the individual sets shoved into this one. Episodes like 1969 from series 1 are missing from the series 1 discs and for some reason added as the second last episode in series 2. Two series 1 episodes are also given as special features on a series 2 disc. I'm so confused. But also happy as I now have 10 years of the best show I've ever seen right at my finger tips. YAY. 

Also, maybe I'm a knob, but I thought last week's Primeval was the finale. Since there were 6 episodes in series 1, I thought there'd only be 6 in series 2. I know there was a trailer, but I thought it was a peak for episode 1 of series 3. That was probably a stupid idea. But I'm glad there's another episode tonight, because given I thought episode 6 was the finale I was a bit disappointed there were no big jaw dropping moments - to me at least. 

Also, does anyone else literally hiss and make an 'eww' face when Helen is on screen? I do it every single time. I absolutely HATE her. I guess that means the actress is doing an awesome job, but I want to scratch her fucking eyes out! I hope Stephen comes back from the dark side, Cutter and Jenny talk about the Claudia thing, and Connor and Abby kiss. Also I'd like the Claudia/Jenny change explained. I think Helen did it because she was jealous of Claudia and Cutter. Bitch. See? I just hate her!! Lol. 

Also Ashes to Ashes... meh. I don't know what to do. On the one hand, I want to buy series 1 of Life on Mars and watch that whole series again before watching A to A. Also, I don't know if I can sustain my disbelief for ANOTHER series. I watched LoM because I wanted to know what was happening to Sam, and I was slightly disappointed by the lack of explanation. In the special features it seems the creators didn't have a solid explanation and they themselves had different ideas about what they were going to do. That annoyed me. Since the woman in A to A is supposed to have read Sam's detailed report, the explanation is probably just going to be that she put herself with Gene and co in her mind. I really don't like the it's-all-in-their-heads explanation. That betrays the awesomeness and the brilliance of Gene and the gang, and the plots each week. In any case, I'm downloading what's been shown of A to A, just to see if I can bear it without Sam.

Also, Carry on Sergeant, the first ever Carry on film is on right now, and it's got William Hartnell, the first Doctor in it. Hee. I love the Carry on films.
19th-Feb-2008 10:04 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
Amazon.co.uk tells me that next Monday, the 25th, my shiny boxset of the complete Stargate series will be arriving. SQUEE! I stopped watching it via streaming a few weeks ago. I was about half way through season 4, but the videos were getting hard to find, and I missed about 6 episodes in season 3, so I decided to stop and wait for my boxset and watch them all in their proper glory. 

Sean Bean got married. Again. For, like, the 4th time. And how many children is it that he has again? Lol. Hope it all goes well. He's immensely hot. I have such a thing for him. 

And yes, I have seen the Indiana Jones 4 trailer, and yes I have squeed and watched it multiple times.

14th-Feb-2008 07:20 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
So I went onto the OG to gauge the reaction to Martha in Torchwood, see how she was received and all, because I haven't seen the episode yet and of course, I got spoilered in an epic way for something Owen related instead just by a thread title. I know I would've loved seeing what happened and enjoyed the shock myself, so I'm damn annoyed that I know now.

Fuck sake eyes, why must you LOOK?!
13th-Feb-2008 07:01 pm - I is alive.
Scarlett O'Hara

Can't remember when I last posted. Doh!

College eats up my time. I've been back a month and I'm trundling along with the work, actually - gasp - going to classes and doing my reading and assignments. Yes, to not feel a thousand tons of pressure and mind-numbing panic about college that's all you have to do. Whoda thunk it. 

I'm keeping up with my stories, the ones still on at least - Torchwood and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Both keep going from strength to strength. And yay for Pushing Daisies coming back in the autumn. I'm glad the writer's strike is over now.


Short post given the fact that I've been AWOL, but I'm tired. What with college, studying, jogging after I arrive home and general life, I am freaking tired. Sleepy now.
24th-Jan-2008 10:46 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
1) I feel breathless and exhausted and yucky. Possibly mostly because I just went on a crying binge over my brother. I'm babysitting and I started asking my 3 year old sister about Nathan, because I wanted to know what her take on everything was, and it set me off really.

I have gathered from my sister this: 1) she basically thinks he's kind of still alive, but that he lives in 'heaven', which she thinks is under the ground (his grave) and that he lives with angels now that take care of him instead of us. 2) She doesn't want him back and doesn't miss him because she thinks he wanted to leave to be with the angels instead of us. She also talked about how she lost Mam and now she has her back because Nathan is gone, and she's glad. This seems to me that Mam was gone for months staying in hospital with Nathan and now Nathan's gone away, she has her Mammy back and she thinks this is a good thing. 3) Overall, she mainly has no comprehension of what death and dying is, and is totally unaffected by Nathan being dead. Which I think is okay at her age. 

I also had grief counselling on Wednesday. Only 3 months too late... It was fine. The guy was really nice. I rambled a bit and actually didn't talk about Nathan much, because every time I tried to my brain shutdown and I went on the verge of hysterical crying. And I did not want that to happen when I was in college. 

Phew. Okay. Onto something else. 

2) I went shopping today and spent over 100 Euros on just 3 items. They were from River Island though, which basically explains the high price tags. American folk, do you have River Island? I don't know if it's just a European chain. Basically, it's pricey though, at least here in Ireland, and I cannot believe how much I spent on this outfit. It was a green dress (which is gorgeous) and thick blue wrap / cardigan and a black top, all of which I put together as an outfit. I'll snap it for you all to see in the fleshy flesh. What gets my is that so much of River Island's clothes are made of fabric no thicker or better or more durable than cheaper stores, so what is with the over the top prices? 

3) Primeval 2x02 - Great and entertaining. I'm intrigued by Connor realising the mall cleaner from 2x01 is suddenly an SAS guy at ARC. And Connor's new girlfriend seems suspicious too, just randomly coming up to him. I sense some kind of infiltration here. BUT - what is with the Die Hard with Dinosaurs storyline from 2x01 being repeated in 02 again? Basically, I mean, the team get locked up in a building with an anomaly and creatures on the rampage and have to defeat them in a matter of hours? I preferred the running-all-over-the-place action and panic they had in series 1 eps. 

4) The Sarah Connor Chronicles 1x03 - It was slightly above average, but nothing mind-blowing. The storyline with the skinless Terminator and the scientist was a bit confusing and also gross at the end. I liked Sarah's relationship with the assumed future computer genius for Skynet. Cameron was annoying. I really like the actress but I just find her Terminator very dumb. She was totally a natural when blending into school in 1x01 and now that her and John are back at school, why is she acting like a spaz, and like she's no idea what to do? John though is getting better and better. I thought Thomas Dekker was a bit too pretty to really make much impact, but his zeal and his passion is winning me over. I like when he aruges with Cameron or with Sarah, or shows affection for Sarah, or especially when he takes charges and goes on the rampage about something he believes in. While complaining he's not learning how to be a hero - he's showing he IS a hero.
23rd-Jan-2008 05:46 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
Well. I heard about it last night, but I was too shocked to really say anything. Heath Ledger is dead, and I'm still too shocked to make much sense. It's not like I'm upset or crying, or personally affected in any way. He wasn't on my 'list' of favourite actors, but he was an actor I really liked. Two of my favourite films are A Knight's Tale and The Brothers Grimm, both of which are shining examples of his comedic talent. 

Really my reaction is all about the sheer unexpected whammy of a well-known actor, who's been in the public eye for almost a decade, who was constantly moving up and up in terms of popularity and becoming a better actor, and who is now suddenly dead

It's the shock factor that's getting me. 

This is almost what it must have been like in 1993 - River Phoenix goes out with his friends on Halloween night and is dead on the sidewalk a couple of hours later. He was a young, much lauded, up and coming actor taken unexpectedly because of drugs as well. It just makes me sick that both his and Heath Ledger's deaths were needless - they were because of substances doing unnatural things to their bodies. Although, I think Heath Ledger had a previous drug problem and this time, he was taking prescription drugs in conjunction with already being sick with pnuemonia, and he somehow overdosed. The mind boggles at the tragedy. 

I won't even try to imagine what his family and friends are going through. I hear most, if not all of his loved ones found out through the media. Not surprising really, since it was on the internet almost immediately I believe. And the footage of his body in the black bag was shown on a channel here. I really hadn't wanted to see that. Did that really need to be filmed? Is absolutely fucking everything 'a story' now? After an untimely death can't a man at least have the respect of not being stalked even after he's gone? The paparazzi, celebrity drenched culture just sickens me.

This is such an awful tragedy, and I cannot stop thinking about his family, his baby especially.
22nd-Jan-2008 08:22 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
First day back at college today in a long time. One Film lecture, two English ones. Nothing too exciting to read this semester, but I am a bit happy about the Film module, which is European Cinema. Oh and I've got a week to read Gulliver's Travels. And a book list as long as my admittedly not very long arm, but long enough when books translates into money I cannot spend on shoes. Grumble, grumble. It was gross outside today. It was rainy but sticky and it made my skin feel yucky and my hair go all flyaway. Extra grumble. 

I am officially obsessed with Stargate. It is most awesome. What's this? Doctor Who? Nope, I have a new sci-fi show of most excellentness. Daniel Jackson... *sigh* Be still my heart. I need someone to ship him with. Damn Stargate with its' lack of UST and shippiness. Mostly I'm just shipping him with ME. 

And you know, I'm a tiny bit excited about Doctor Who. I mean, I know virtually nothing about series 4. We all pretty much knew for certain that Simm as Saxon was the Master, even though the Derek Jacobi reveal before he turned into Simm was pretty shock-worthy. I have no idea who the Big Bad is this year. For whatever reason I'm largely spoiler free this year and I really like it. I look forward to what's in store, and all I hope is that it's good. 

I have so much to do tonight - work out, start reading Gulliver's Travels, go over my Film module... I'll mostly probably in all certainty just end up watching more Stargate and sleeping. ;o)
20th-Jan-2008 09:14 pm(no subject)
Hello all. Bullet point update for tonight. I have a bit of a weird shaky sick feeling, so I'm going to settle in comfortably and watch some TV. 

- My bedroom, previously painted yellow and orange (2 walls painted each colour, oh dear God, what was I thinking?) with red carpet and other bright yellow and orange decoration, has been re-done. I painted the walls all white, and have now matched the red carpet with lamps, bed linen etc in shades of brown and pink. My room's still a mess after the painting, but I think the new colour scheme is going to be really nice once I get it all finished. 

- I have my boyfriend's camera, so pictures are a go! I'll be posting pics of my newly pretty room and also the various outfits I've described recently that some people were curious to see. I might also do a Day in the Life picture post when I go back to college.

- I'm officially obsessed with Stargate. I'm up to 1x13. Episodes 3 - 6 were boring as fuck but I stuck it out and every ep since has been amazing. I'm lusting after Daniel Jackson in a huge way. Also, his personality and his character type (designated plot / exposition explainer) reminded me a lot of Simon Tam from Firefly. Anyone else get that?

- Really looking forward to more Torchwood. I'm way more interested in it than I am in Doctor Who right now. I think it's the more characters thing. I'm not really into Ten that much since he's an asshole who only directly acknowledges blonde women (Rose, Reinette, Joan, Astrid) and Donna is okay but not a companion that I anticipate as much as I was Martha this time last year. I really hope the rumours of a casting call for Doctor Eleven plus new companion are true.

- Yay for Primeval. 2x01 was good. Will be seeing 2x02 tonight. I really like Connor. I hope he and Abby get it together. Steven's hot and brooding, but for some reason I'm not very attached to him. And of course I'm totally in love with Cutter and his Scottish emo man pain. And who wants to bet that it was evil bitch face ex wife Helen Cutter who made Claudia Brown disappear from history out of revenge, oh and because she's INSANE?

- Had a good weekend. Met my best friend Dan for unexpected deep and meaningful coffee conversation while she was escorting her 14 year old sister plus friends around town. I went back to Dan's house for dinner, which is always entertaining and fun, because her parents are awesome and hilarious. I slept over at Brian the Boyfriend's that night and then went on a road trip with him yesterday. 

- Also my brat face little sister took my iPod before Christmas and even admitted to it, but when I kept demanding she show me where she put it, I got in trouble for harrassing her because my mother said she hadn't taken it. Today, Brian tricked my sister into telling him where it was - turned out she had had it hidden for the last month in a backpack. LITTLE FUCKER.
16th-Jan-2008 01:07 am(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
TV is back... well some of it! Medium season 4 just started, as did Primeval series 2, and Torchwood is back tomorrow. It's incredibly weird to think that in only a few months Doctor Who is back too. It almost feels like series 3 just finished. I can't comprehend how fast the time has gone. 

I'm really excited for this movie - Mamma Mia. I really love ABBA, and I've heard the stage musical is excellent. And this has got Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin FIrth singing some of the most memorable and recognisable songs ever. The trailer is great - Streep has an amazing voice, it's so strong, it sounds a lot like Cher's. And she looks gorgeous too, so much younger than she has in her latest films. The long hair and casual clothes take 20 years off of her. And her daughter is Amanda Seyfried - ie, the stupid one from Mean Girls and the murdered best friend Lilly Kane from Veronica Mars. This film will probably make her career, she looks brilliant in it. And I will watch anything that's got Colin Firth in it. I have an unnatural and ongoing obsession with him. *sigh*

Trailer 1
Trailer with more clips in it
27th-Nov-2007 12:43 am(no subject)
Am so tired. It's 12.45 here! I have TWO assignments due tomorrow for 4.00 and I have to be up at 7.30 for the train. Have to finish them both, no handing them in late for this one, 'cause it's all forbidden. FINE TIME FOR MASSIVE DOCTOR WHO SPOILERS TO COME OUT. Thanks, world, for distracting me. 

Fuck sake. I want to go to sleep and not finish writing about Evelina and Chaucer and Margery Kempe (what a loon, in congress with Jesus my ass).  

And I'm also totally and completely obsessed with Robin Hood right now. I can't stop writing my Robin/Marian fan fic. My random obsessions wax and wan. When I first discovered RH, about five episode into the original run of the first series, I was enamoured. Fan fic, pic spams, I was so there. 

16th-Nov-2007 11:45 am - i wanna run away, never say goodbye
Scarlett O'Hara

Wanna go hoooooome. Stuck in stupid library, doing stupid assignments, reading off stupid screen because of stupid texts that are out of print about had to download them, making my stupid eyes hurt loads and I HATE THE STUPID WORLD. I look like crap and feel like it too. Never seem to get enough sleep. 

And I hurt my beloved old laptop, because for some reason I felt the need to fling a knee across it when it was on the floor and I was trying to get something and I cracked the screen inside, and now all this black inky stuff is marking the inside of the screen and I wept. Further proof that I must lose half my body weight. Okay, then I'd be a skeleton. Fine. A quarter.

And yesterday was the 15th. One month since my brother died. It feels like so much longer. Everyone was fine yesterday and no one actually mentioned it, until I woke up this morning and saw that my mother was a complete basket case and hadn't been able to sleep last night because she had been in hysterics for most of the wee hours. I myself have been verging on hysterics for about a week and a half now, but I haven't let myself get upset or cry. Stupid baby making baby noises on the train yesterday even got me upset. 


Right. Have to move onto something else. Did I mention that I have a lot of assignments? And I'm really tired? And I want to roll myself in a duvet cocoon with my iPod, a good book, lots of episodes of Pushing Daisies and Ghost Whisperer, a glass of milk (what? it comforts me!) and chocolate. 

And I'm so annoyed by this writer's strike in America. I agree with them and as a hopefully future writer, I would want to get paid my dues if I wrote something successful, so I hope they kick the studio's asses. But Pushing Daisies is new, and it's just getting off the ground and I love it - I hate to see it halted so soon, and possibly get cancelled. And Ghost Whisperer is my soul mate, I NEED it. Fuck Heroes though. I haven't watched it in three weeks and have no plans to catch up. I got bored. I love it.... but I lost patience.

And look

sophieisgod and templa_otmena - some ad has Harry Lloyd narrating it apparently and you can watch it! I want to see Harry in something other than Robin Hood and Doctor Who. Like a Notting Hill style romantic comedy, where he falls over a lot and his cute little love interest is all disdainful, but then falls in love with his falling over a lot. Or a Resident Evil style thing, where he has to be badass with guns and leather and facial hair and blowing stuff up. Or some kind of indie film, where's emo and disturbed and can show off his fabulous emo acting a la when Papa Scarlett went all dead.

EDIT: And I can't wait to see Sweeney Todd! (Trailer!) Johnny Depp sings in it! I didn't even KNOW Johnny Depp could sing! And Alan Rickman does evil-doing! And there's blood and gore and it's like From Hell but with singing! I love Tim Burton. He's up there with Peter Jackson and Bob Zemeckis in my director rock god altar of worship. Geez where are all the brilliant female directors? Girls like films too!


Jack is Back
Today I was sat in front of my laptop in the library for HOURS doing a philosophy assignment. My eyes hurt so much. It was on Dosteovsky's Notes from the Undergroud, and because the campus bookshop people are knobs and can't get it ordered in, I downloaded it, just so I could read it until I got the book. So there I am, reading the copy off of the laptop screen... reading the lecturer's notes... writing my essay... eyes bleeding and crossing all the while. And I purposely brought my old laptop that doesn have wireless so I wouldn't surf the net and procrastinate. Yes, I got work done, but I will also unfortunately need laser eye surgery now. 

I have so much work to catch up on... My brain just doesn't comprehend it anymore. I have erased my capacity to worry. I think when something as big as your brother dying happens... possibly failing some college modules doesn't really register as Greatly Important anymore. This might be a bad thing for my grade point average. 

My brain is also totally distracted with ideas for a new original story. I thought of it around Halloween and it's about suburban witches and it's a bit Practical Magic / Charmed, but I'm having so much fun with the huge cast of characters that I can't stop to think if it's a rip-off. 

I also feel bad about my epic, never-ending Ten and Rose story, because people are leaving really amazing reviews, not about it being a fan fic about their OTP, but about the quality of writing and the OCs, which is brilliant to hear... and I haven't updated in a month, and have nothing written yet. And I know I have no time or drive to continue the story yet. I thought about abandoning it, but I feel like it's an assignment, something I HAVE to finish. I really don't want to let readers down.

I've been hearing the film title August Rush everywhere and only yesterday did I find out that Keri Russell and John Rhys Meyers are in it, but I still didn't know what it was about until half an hour ago when I watched the trailer. (TRAILER OF AWESOME HERE) I'm hooked. *makes grabby hands* I WANT IT NOW. It better come out over here in a timely fashion. I'm a sucker for inspirational music films, with longing and emo and outpourings of love. See: my obsession with Moulin Rouge, Walk the Line, Phantom of the Opera and others.  

And because I'm obviously masochistic, I picked up part 3 of the Twilight series, Eclipse, even though I despise the two main characters with a fiery passion. 

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