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Scarlett O'Hara

TV series ~ 1987-1990 ~ Linda Hamilton as Catherine & Ron Perlman as Vincent

I recently watched this series for the first time, and really wanted to introduce newcomers to what I think is often a forgotten gem.

Warning: there may or may not be fabulous 80's hair included. Collapse )
16th-May-2010 01:02 am - A2A man.

Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold. Collapse )
Scarlett O'Hara

Reasons to watch “The Magnificent Seven” TV show, for picspammy's Challenge 19, Second Chances: Reasons To. Vague plot spoilers, but mostly just character description and personal opinion.



Hired guns with hearts of gold...Collapse )

11th-Apr-2010 05:39 pm(no subject)
I am a bad, bad Stargate fangirl. I only realised after 5 minutes of staring at him that that was Michael Shanks playing Rob on this week's Supernatural. And this is from a massive Daniel Jackson fan. Must've been the blonde-ish hair. Different look for him.
10th-Apr-2010 10:43 pm - Doctor Who 5x02 The Beast Below
Eleven and Amy
I'm.... stunned. Literally stunned by "The Beast Below". Not since "Dalek" I think have we seen such great tension between the Doctor and companion as they stand on two sides of a moral quandry. I thought this would be an entertaining but "New Earth" / "Gridlock" type romp... I was so wrong. I just... can't even. Continuing under the cut for spoileeeeeeers.

Gotcha. Collapse )
11th-Jan-2010 04:09 pm - New TV.
Scarlett O'Hara
Legend of the Seeker, season 2 so far, OMG brilliant, brilliant storylines. Collapse )

Being Human 2x01... Not as awesome as I thought.Collapse )

Dollhouse 2x11, stunning and amazing, so much WTF-ness.Collapse )

- I'm also continuing to plough through The X-Files. It's taking me so long, but I don't mind. It's something to come back to every now and then. I'm only mid season 4. So much has happened so far though. A few gripes, now that I have a good grip on the show - is Mulder Scully's boss in a sense? I know they are partners and that she is assigned to him in 1x01... and yet it seems like he is *always* giving her orders, taking command, telling her where to go, what to do. I think technically it is an equal partnership. Also, has anyone else found many of the standalone episode deathly boring and dull? Some of them I just know are going to be uninteresting within the first few minutes and I skim through, and am proven right. I always look forward to the myth arc episodes, they're always the best it seems, but even they give more questions than answers. It's a great show obviously, and I love Mulder and Scully, but sometimes I feel frustrated by how they take one step forward and two steps back.

- All righty... new Lark Rise to Candleford to watch now!!! Series 2's fuckery with Miss Lane and James made my love for this show plummet but I still enjoy these characters, and I hope they pull Miss Lane's story back to being good. I can't say I have any interest in her and JD's son. She wants her own husband and child, not to steal someone else's. That's just a cop out. But okay. Reserving judgement. Off to watch.
6th-Jan-2010 09:54 pm - SNOW DAY.
11 Trust Me
Was in the snow FOR HOURS. I love snow. We were knee deep in it today. It was awesome. It's really fluffy, light snow though, despite how much of it there is, so making a snowman was impossible and even snowballs wouldn't stay together. Mostly I just flung myself about the garden, marvelling over everything as if I was 5 years old. I used my actual 5 year old sister as an excuse to run like a maniac into the snow... oh yes... I'm taking the kids into the snow now... mmmhmmm... no ulterior motive. IT'S FUN. It's so much fun. I plan to dive into it if it's still there tomorrow, which it better be. Sister's school has been cancelled until Monday. That should be a riot considering we've been ready to kill her over the holidays for her bad behaviour. But I suppose I'll try and keep her occupied though.

I'm still watching all the movies I haven't had time to for the last, oh I don't know SIX MONTHS?! I saw Julie and Julia, which was lovely and light hearted. 2012, which was ridiculous and tense, and had excellent John Cusack eye candy. Also saw the Cranford Xmas specials. They were good obviously, but didn't have the same vibe as the original series. I liked most of the new characters, but I didn't like the directions Martha and Jem Hearne's story went, and Mary, or the actress at least, seemed very different and that was disheartening. But I loved Laurentia's new found closeness with Harry. What wonderful actors all round. The Day of the Triffids was quite good too, very tense and exciting, strange story though. I liked Jason Priestly popping up in it.

And still excited for Eleven / Matt! It just does not seem to be lessening! I look forward to his awesomeness more and more every day!
3rd-Jan-2010 01:40 am - Eleven, bitches.
11 Trust Me

To welcome Eleven and Matt into the TARDIS, a joyous picspam of all of the media in which he has appeared so far: official photos, set photos, Confidential episodes, trailers and the series itself.



Trust me, I'm the Doctor.Collapse )

2nd-Jan-2010 04:37 am - It goes all the way up to Eleven.
Eleven and Amy
Spoilers and flailing and angsting and OMGs ahoy. I am just GAAAAAH mostly.

The long goodbye....Collapse )

31st-Dec-2009 05:11 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
Blegh. Still sick. I have had the flu more times in the last 5 months that I have altogether in the last couple of years. Am not pleased by this. WHY ME? I'm a psycho about eating mah veg and taking mah vitamins and I'm always the responsible one with a scarf and an umbrella to ward off the cruel winds and rains.... SIGH.

I've been perusing Arthur/Gwen fics. Even though I love this pairing I've only just kind of realised HOW much I love them, to the point of them being my OTP for 2009 basically. RIchard/Kahlan from Legend of the Seeker come close just because of the awesome slow motion back-to-back fighting they do, and the way they scream each other's names so very much. Oh and the sizzlingly hot chemistry. But A/G win out of pure unadulterated squee they generate.

Last night a fabulous gal posted these A/G manips / artwork for some fics (I later read and loved the fics too), but the artwork is STUNNING. Really seamless.

I'm in love with this post on ONTD about the Babysitter's Club books being re-released and updated. It turned into an all out love fest on childhood books. I was a Babysitter's Club obsessive, for certain. Sweet Valley High was probably my big thing though, I went all out for that series - at age 10 I learned the art of scouring second hand bookshops for the older books, the out of print editions from like 1984 or something. I was actually successful a lot of the time. I also read the Sabrina the Teenage Witch books - which were way better than the show, similar to the original Sabrina movie actually. And of course, I fangirled the Buffy books like a crazy person. Some of them were so well written, I actually take certain stories as canon.

Mmmkay, so I'm sick, and shaky, haven't eaten much this week, most likely I look like crap as well, but it's New Year's, and it's my BFF's boyfriend's birthday as well, and there's a party on, so I have to go out tonight and be with them all. Wherever I am with mah BFF it equals fun times, and I'll probably be drunk after one glass of wine because of having eaten so little, so I think there'll be some hilarious photos of the night posted on here tomorrow. Ugh now I have to shower and moisterise and de-hair and primp and try not to look like I am plague-ridden.

And OMG - Ten is going to die tomorrow. This is weird. And the BBC confirmed that we'll get an Eleven trailer, so that makes me happy that there is at least the basic amount of continuity between this era and Moffat's. I was getting all ansty about series5 being labelled 'series 1' by the production. And er, YAY, for seeing Eleven in action for a few seconds!!! Can't wait. My sadness at Ten's demise will probably evaporate the moment I see Matt.
26th-Dec-2009 08:33 pm - The end of Ten himself....
Scarlett O'Hara
Okay so I'm posting about it! I wasn't going to because I'm all torn and perplexed and mostly WTF?! at what I found myself watching when I tuned into my Xmas Day Doctor Who. But I've had a day now to ponder it so here's my reaction to the End of Time plus, just in case of spoiler phobes some screencaps relating to some quite possibly cracky speculation I'm having on Eleven / series 5.

The End of Time part 1.Collapse )
18th-Dec-2009 03:20 am(no subject)
Ten and Martha, 2
I'm finally recovered from pulling all those epic all nighters to get my final work done for this semester. Seriously, the dread and stress I have felt for like the last 6 weeks is gone and I don't know what to do with myself. I feel bereft. Last night I was actually bored out of my skull. I think it's that I've just been so feverishly focused only on college (or the naughty procrastination where I AVOID college) that I have edged out everything else completely. Going to read a non-college book, spending family time, SHOPPING (oh be still my heart) and exercising are things I now actually have to readjust my thinking to remind myself that I DO have time to do them. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF.

Weird moment today as I was reading something about Duel in the Sun, which I watched for Film this semester. The VERY next thing I read was a news article saying the star of the film, Jennifer Jones had died age 90 (RIP). Really strange coincidence.

Was babysitting tonight, and introduced my 5 year old sister to the brilliance of The Goonies. Might have been a bit scary for her! That bit where Mama Fratelli threatens to cut out the kids tongues and they all clap their hands over their mouths and shake their heads - my sister unconsciously flinched and started backing away and shaking her head too. So funny.  The parents arrived home announcing that it was snowing. Cut to me dashing outside PYJAMAS AND ALL to squee in a gleeful and childlike manner at the teensy amount of snow on the ground. BUT STILL.

Tomorrow is my sister's first nativity play. She's a shepherd. I only remember two nativity plays of mine. In one I was an angel complete with halo fashioned out of a wire hanger and swathed in tinsel, and my first time, I believe I had been a sheep, LOL. I wore a sheep mask. Hilarity. My mother cracked up thinking of it.

Best thing ever happened today. Doing some Xmas shopping I happened upon a grey boyfriend jacket in Dorothy Perkins, E70 reduced to E9. I felt a little bad buying something for myself when shopping for others when I reminded myself that I was purchasing an awesome, well tailored jacket in the exact perfect size for my short-ass self, and that I was only paying E9 for it! I have been dying to replace the navy one that was stolen earlier in the semester with a heap of my stuff in my epically tragic bag-being-stolen debacle. The new jacket is way better than the old one anyway.

kefira  - here's an Alice/Hatter picspam in case you haven't seen it already!
14th-Dec-2009 07:43 pm(no subject)

Firstly! OMG Merlin 2x12, holy effing incoherancy ahoy!Collapse )

Was sick all last week with epic plague. Long story short – do not hug and/or kiss squishy children within your vicinity. They are plague-carriers like RATS. Basically I caught a stomach bug from my sisters. Urgh. Threw up my effing spleen. Upside is I have basically no appetite even now and I’m living on like one meal a day, because my stomach feels like it’ll explode if I eat more than that. Well that’s an upside to me anyway considering I think I was packing on the winter blubber while doing all these end of term essays. Sitting in front of computer + pulling all nighters + gratefully eating anything you get the time to = fatness, tiredness and non-energy-having-ness. When this last essay is done I am back to pounding that damn pavement and living on my exercise bike. I am not even aware that it is like a week and a half til Xmas. I have totally just been living in college land. Usually I jump on the Xmas bandwagon in like NOVEMBER.

OMG - Being Human series 2 promo poster! It's so shiny. Lots of clues in all the props and background and stuff.

Something nice about my sick week was that I got to lie in a prone state watching Skeet Ulrich stuff, which was AWESOME, because he’s hot and so intense and very into the method acting, and he is my new gentleman du jour.

So my no doubt excellently coherent opinions of his roles in -

Nobody's BabyCollapse )

The Newton BoysCollapse )

Miracles (TV shows)Collapse )

5th-Dec-2009 03:35 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
Phew. Got my 3 final English essays in this week and am back home for a few days. 2 more exams and 1 more essay to go and then I am free! The down side of getting home is that my house is stricken with plague! Everyone has a stomach bug - all of them, even the baby! The kids are mostly over it, but the parents are indisposed, so I've taken it on myself to be responsible caretaker. My only fear is catching it myself and then my study / essay writing would really be screwed. So I'm touching them as little as possible and scrubbing my hands and de-germing them with that dry hand wash. I'll probably catch it anyway for all this.

Yay for new Dollhouse to catch up on though. And am very excited for Merlin tonight, as ever! I feel like I only just saw last week's episode. Merlin night seems to come around so fast each week.

Am also getting really excited for the last Doctor Who episodes with all the pictures and idents and trailers. A heap of semi-spoilery pictures here if you're interested! I think Donna / Catherine looks years younger with the shorter, flippier hair.
29th-Nov-2009 07:21 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
UGH. Have caught the lurgy. AM SICK. Excuse me for believing that baby sisters are for kissing and face squishing. No. In fact they are deadly carriers of icky colds. Admittedly, the baby is suffering as much as I am, only cannot take hardcore drugs to help herself.... is Lemsip considered hardcore? It is blackberry flavour instead of regular old lemon...

Worst of all, I have two essays due tomorrow. I need to hit a deadline and I haven't slept in two days because of this flu and my other sister's honking, papa seal chest cough, which kept my awake all night. Luckily one essay is finished. Now I just need to put the shoulder to the wheel and get another 3,000 words down, comparing Disney's Sleeping Beautyand its base text Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur. Which is highly coincidental considering how preoccupied I am by Merlin right now... Arthur, Gwen... Arthur/Gwen... plot bunnies are arising and I HAVE NO TIME TO COMMIT THEM TO PAPER. And like many other Bradley / Arthur / Merlin fans right now I suspect, I have You're the Voice stuck in my damn head. The guy must have driven the set mad with this song. Here is a longer, epic compilation of Bradley and Colin enacting the song. Colin does not seem impressed with John Farnham as Bradley is. LOL.

Have Bon Jovi's new album. It's more the same really. Since Crush and the mega hit that was It's My Life, each album seems to have the repeatedly played radio / stadium anthem, the angsty love song / ode to wife, the song directed at down to earth working class folk, etc etc. Not complaining, I love this bang, always will. Just making an observation. But I like this album in any case. It does seem a bit more introspective and angsty.
28th-Nov-2009 04:29 pm(no subject)
Jack is Back
Who watched / is watching Garrow's Law, the 4 part period mini-series that just BBC just aired? I watched part 1 this week. OMG, how fanciable is Andrew Buchan? Yes I've seen him in Jane Eyre and Cranford, but it's like during watching him as Garrow that IT JUST HIT ME that he is extremely attractive... mostly when he's being a 17th century barrister powerfully laying a legal smackdown on someone in court.

OMG, Bradley and Colin's Welsh road trip trailer. Everyone's already seen it, but STILL. Merlin behind the scenes is almost as compelling to watch as the ACTUAL SHOW. I laughed so hard at the series 1 extras especially Colin and Bradley sneaking about like 9 year olds pulling pranks on Angel Coulby. So I will definitely be watching this tonight! If the episode of Merlin didn't look so hilarious and cracky I'd probably be anticipating the road trip more! Augh, what shall I do when Merlin is gone for another 9 months?!!! I suppose Being Human and Ashes to Ashes and DOCTOR WHO YAY! will have to suffice.

Have been waiting for this ever since it was announced - Sci-Fi channel's (I refuse to use SyFy) miniseries based on Alice in Wonderland. Their reimagining of The Wizard of Oz in Tin Man was so brilliant, so I was really excited about this. On seeing the trailer I'm less impressed than I expected. It doesn't look as original or creative as Tin Man and I'm not sure about the actress playing Alice.. but big surprise for me in Andrew-Lee Potts playing Hatter... I LOVE THIS GUY. As entertaining as Primeval is, Andrew / Connor is my biggest reason for watching so I'm glad he's in this.

Still obsessed with Skeet Ulrich. Am watching Jericho again. He's still awesome and action man-y and with the traumatic criminal past. Discovered Miracles, his cancalled 2003 show about an ex-miracle investigator for the church, who has a near death experience and begins to see all these visions and ghosts and it's really, really brilliant.

Also discovered the cracky addiction that is The Vampire Diaries. Let's just say now that I despise Twilight and wanted nothing to do with this surge in vampire crap. Buffy is THE vampire show for me, mostly because the lead is kick ass, strong, and her life does not begin and end with Angel and Spike - she survived Angel leaving town, she broke up with Spike... she can deal with having no man in her life, unlike Bella/Edward. I like True Blood for how irreverant and fucking hilarious it is, not so much for the vampire stuff. So I check out the books The Vampire Diairies are based on first, just to see for myself and didn't like them that much, but I saw good things written about the show, so I checked it out, and it is a very well-written, tightly plotted and involving show.

It is about a vampire/human love story but there's so much more going on, even if I didn't like Stefan and Elena as much as I do, you've got Bonnie's witch plot, Damon's bitchy and casual evilness, the town council shenanigans, the Katherine backstory... it's all pretty damn good. I kept waiting for it to disappoint, I kept waiting for something cliched to be said or to happen and it didn't. I was traumatised by the creator's previous work on Dawson's Creek. As good as DC could be, the dialogue is cringeworthy and the over-analysing to the point of meaninglessness got to me so much.

Oh and I sort of went mental and posted a massive Period Pieces picspam for picspammy here. It was like a compulsion, I just had to get it out of my system. I think I'm addicted to picspams. I keep thinking of new themes for them.
21st-Nov-2009 05:15 pm(no subject)
Eleven and Amy
Matt Smith / Eleventh Doctor post on ONTD. *Happy sigh* My feeling that I am going to LOVE Eleven just keeps on mounting. Okay, so I already loved Matt Smith from the Sally Lockhart films way before he was announced as the Doctor, but I just love him MORE as we get more filming pics and videos. And I completely admit that I think he's gorgeous. I was a Ten fangirl more so because I just liked the character, but I am totally fangirling Eleven in a more pervy Doctor fancier way.
20th-Nov-2009 09:08 pm(no subject)
This series of Merlin seems to have gone by so fast. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago that it began. As muh as I love this show, is anyone else feeling that it doesn't seem as satisfying at series 1?

I'm reading Wizard's First Rule, which begins the series of books that Legend of the Seeker is based on. While I like it, it is very slow moving, not boring at all, but just taking it's time. I'm almost 200 pages in, and the first half hour of the pilot episode hasn't even been covered. I don't know how much of the individual episodes in LofS were lifted from small subplot of the books though so maybe this entire book covers only a small bit of season 1. Richard and Kahlan as far as I can see, have almost perfectly been cast in Craig Horner and Bridget Regan. Physically, Bridget seems to be a dead ringer for the description of Kahlan. Their personalities too have been captured so well. Writing wise, the show seems to have removed some things though - both Richard and Kahlan are more emotional, afraid and tentative in the books. Richard especially is very naive and anxious at times, Kahlan sobs and cries and seeks comfort, things she doesn't really do in the show. Nevertheless, I like it! Have not been watching LotS season 2, want to get some more of the books read. But at least I'll have a heap of it to watch in a row.

I haven't yet watched this weeks Fringe and Supernatural. Just about to. Fringe has been as good as season 1. Ticking along nicely. SPN has been far too lighthearted and funny but I guess perhaps they are weighing the first half of season 5 with humour against possibly a second half of doom and gloom. I don't mind the doom and gloom though. Season 1 was pretty damn dark and straightforwardly serious. There was what, one funny episode? Now there are too many. The Curious Case of Dean Winchester was the best though. And what's with the mocking episode titles, a la Veronica Mars? I liked the single word titles of season 1, or ones that related to the demon / magical stuff etc, rather than all these self-referential, tongue in cheek ones. I liked last weeks convention episode though, as far off track as it went. I can't say that I like that SPN willfully references itself, its fandom, its fans, I just think it's weird and so out of sync with what the show used to be. It's still a great show though, don't get me wrong - the overall plot is still going strong and I really love it. Jensen really works with that Batman voice though, huh? Did he always sound like that? I can't recall being so aware of it before.

Also, people who watch Sons of Anarchy? Is it worth it? I saw one episode this summer and I did nothing but mock it. I though this motor cycle gang of thugs and thieves running a town was ridiculous, but it seems to have a lot of fandomy attention. Is it actually good - not as stupid as I thought it was?

My laptop / wireless must have been broken, but I hear Dollhouse has been cancelled for certain recently. SIGH. Why did they bother giving them a season 2 when they basically cancelled it after 2 or 3 episodes? Why don't they give it more of a chance? I doubt the story they intended to tell will be wrapped up by the end of season 2. Too bad as well - Epitaph One really showed us what the point of this whole show was, and we'll never see how they get there. And I despised Topher for ALL of season 1, and in the space of these 4 season 2 episodes he's one of my favourite characters. His interactions with Saunders / Whiskey, Echo and Priya / Sierra have been so brilliant. Him realising how his work has effected / damaged / changed these women has been so addictive to watch. I thought nothing would beat his scenes with Saunders and then we got his scenes with Echo and Priya in 2x04. He's an awesome character.

Is FlashForward actually worth getting into? I watched 1x01 and was only mildly intrigued. I have too much TV to watch anyway. Why am I asking for more?

You know, I miss my quality BBC shows. That's my problem. I've got Merlin, but without Being Human, Doctor Who, Ashes to Ashes, Lark Rise to Candleford, I'm going mad! And I have hated parts 1 and 2 of the recent Emma adaptation. Am I the only one who hates that story, except in its Clueless incarnation? I just find Emma insufferable and Romola Garai's performance has not helped. I acknowledge how brilliant she is as an actress but I simply cannot like her in anything I've seen her in!
24th-Jun-2009 12:53 am(no subject)
Martha with Red Flower
EEK! Going to Jersey in like 36 hours! Not packed! Have to go to Bureau de Change. Have to buy many essentials like those white denim shorts in New Look TAUNTING ME. I'm not a white denim gal, but damn these are pretty.

And in more urgent news. I finally watched episodes 14 - 22 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I just finished 22, and knowing how it ended now, in short, I feel gutted and sick. I wish they had done anything but cancel this show. Give it a half season of 13 episodes. A mini-series of 5 to tie up the story (though this is a story that literally has the juice to go for decades). Augh... just... more spoiler filled talk under the cut.

WHY, FOX, WHY?Collapse )I have been obsessed with Terminator for years. I can recall frantically searching for the T2 DVD when I was like 15, getting my mother to hunt from one of the country to the next for it because I was so in love with the movie. Strangely, I've only seen the first film once, probably only in bits and pieces, and I don't have that much interest in it. I suppose that's because John is the draw for me. Not as a Christian Bale-sized, manly screaming action hero, but as a punk ass kid who's not too old to get a slap from his mother but not too young to hold a gun either. Edward Furlong was THE John Connor for me and always will be, but damn if Thomas Dekker didn't pick up the role well. Both he and Furlong have very pretty, almost effeminate good looks, they're still growing into men, they still answer to an overbearing mother. I LIKE these things. I like knowing that this kid will grow into a powerful, strong hero - but I don't actually have any interest in seeing that hero - that's boring. That's why I have no interest in seeing Bale shriek orders in all his passive-aggressive wisdom. 

To me the chronology is T1, T2, and TSCC. T3 and 4 do not even enter the equation because I feel they move away from the point of the series - that is, to prevent Judgment Day. That is what Kyle died for, what Sarah fought for, and what John's childhood has been about. It feels fruitless to me if it is a forgone conclusion. Having T4 set in a world where Judgment Day has been and gone isn't interesting to me because they're fighting to reclaim a broken world. I want to see them fight to keep an as-of-yet unbroken one.  

This is all very poetic indeed, but my point is, TSCC was like a dream come true for me, given I've spent years imagining what John did after T2. And now I know - TSCC told me. For my part, like I said, John is the draw. So I really have only gotten into his story line. I've grown to care about Cameron as much as he does. In fact their weird ass, possibly twisted human/cyborg sexual tension seriously drew me in. 

It was obvious nothing could happen between John and his cyborg bodyguard. I ship them in a weird way, but that still squicks me out. Seeing Allison, the girl Cameron was based on, really made me curious about who she was and if she knew John Connor. It seemed to me like she did in the interrogations. I wondered if maybe future John's reasons for keeping this reprogrammed robot so close was that she reminded him of Allison - that he'd been friends with her, loved her even. A crazed shipper idea, no doubt, on my part. 

But seeing that unbelievably excellent ending only makes me sad that everything I wanted basically came true. I wanted glimpses of the future - but had no interest in future John. Present John in the future is like, perfect, in my eyes. I was shocked at Derek's death - but it makes sense if they'd planned for all or part of season 3 to be in the future. Derek's still alive, and if they were going to return to present day, they've could've taken him with them. He's a different Derek, clearly, to me anyway - happier, less broken.  

Weaver being a GOOD Terminator was awesome. I hadn't even considered that for a millisecond. I love that her and John Henry were being set up to fight SkyNet.  I also love the whole "Will you join us?' mystery. I'm sure it would've been expanded on more clearly.

Moreover - my crack-like need for John/Cameron was almost perfectly satisfied in 2x22. We get that disturbing, yet HOT scene with topless Cameron getting John to check her for a malfunction - but John's reaction is clearly that of a teenage kid seeing a girl he lusts after half naked. He knows she's a machine, but feels for her like she's a girl, and I believe anyway, that he loved her, that he knew it was strange and twisted - but that he loved her. Seeing not only his uncle and father alive - but also his surprise at seeing the very human Allison look so much like Cameron, was SO awesome for me, and if I had season 3 to look forward to I'd be ecstatic.

All the things to look forward to would've made this show top of my list for September.... Seeing John grapple with not only having Derek back, but knowing his dad. Seeing him inhabit a world where he and his story doesn't exist because he's jumped decades and has been absent from history. Seeing / wondering what Sarah has been doing. Seeing the Weaver / John Henry / Cameron's chip plot play out. And of course, for the hopeless romantic in me - seeing John deal with the feelings he had for Cameron which he knew he could never act on, and then have the human she was modelled on right before him, who he can very definitely grow to love and have passionate sex with... Yep. Pretty awesome stuff was ahead.

Not to mention, Summer Glau, who is such a great actress, but has so rarely been allowed to stretch her wings - she's played crazy and she's played stoic robot. Seeing her play Allison, a normal rebel girl, and especially with Thomas, who I felt she had sizzling chemistry with, would've been so excellent.

I hold a pathetic, empty hope of a half season, a mini series. A renewed series on another network... I know it's pointless. It's June now and not only should they be filming now, but there's no scripts, no crew, cast disbanded etc. It's a goner. I am damn disappointed. SIGH. I can't even think about how amazing I think season 3 was going to be.

I don't get why they cancelled it. I was off the internet for so long - was it the recession and budget cuts, or bad ratings, or both? I feel like FOX cancels something as their first reaction, and they rarely pause and consider their options. Of course, they did with Dollhouse, but that was about Joss moreso than the show given the Firefly debacle. I'd rather have more TSCC than more Dollhouse in hindsight. I mean, they could've bargained - they could've done the half season thing. They could've cut the budget. The show isn't about CGI crap to me or Terminator fights, it's about a kid living up to a destiny and all that needs is great acting, which it had. 

3rd-Jan-2009 09:15 pm - Must get myself an Eleven icon...
Scarlett O'Hara
Haven't posted in ages, and yay be it that Doctor Who has finally prompted me to.

Matt Smith = the Eleventh Doctor.

First and foremost, he is so, so young, and he looks it. I don't care what Moffat said about him seeming older - he doesn't. He's very quirky looking. Possibly moreso than Tennant. And like Tennant he's an 'unknown' but unlike Tennant he hasn't been acting for like, over a decade. THAT SAID. I really like him. I've seen him only in The Ruby in the Smoke and I remember loving his character at the time. In any case, his youth, eccentric looks and possible lack of experience are all valid points, of course they are, but I am still extremely positive about him and willing to give him and the DW team the benefit of the doubt. Ten / Tennant was my first Doctor, so this will be my first changeover, but I'm really into it. Like they said on the Confidential, regeneration is really exciting, wondering what you're going to get in the new Doctor. Given all the things that seemingly go against him, his youth, his inexperience, etc, I actually think it could all make him even more interesting and his introduction will make the DW team really reach for the highest heights to prove his worth. I can't wait to see it.

I'm basically sitting back and enjoying the obvious wank explosion. I mean there's wank in the DW fandom over window sizes and hairstyles, so I really ain't takin' the temper tantrums and toy throwing very seriously. DW is an awesome show and I really look forward to seeing what they do with Matt's Doctor. The bitchy stomping of a few hundred disgruntled people who haven't even had the chance to see him in action yet matters very little in the end.

And on Paterson Joseph, I really really really wanted him... but y'know, there's always next time! PJ for Twelve? ;o)
31st-Oct-2008 03:09 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
I haven't posted in so long! College is sucking my will to live... or at least my time. Though my apartment is super savvy and excellent it does lack a wireless connection and this laptop, asshole piece of crap that it is, won't connect to the wireless in college, so in conclusion = no internet from Monday to Friday. On the weekends I'm too busy 1) seeing my family / boyfriend, 2) doing college work, 3) tutoring English, and 4) catching up on my TV downloads. SOMETHING HAD TO SUFFER AND IT WAS YOU LJ I'M SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!

I'm on my Reading Week and I have neither read nor studied anything. Possibly an ill-advised mistake since I have essays due next week that I've been planning to do for oooh... quite a while now.

I HAVE A NEW SISTER. She is 2 weeks old today and was born on Oct 17 - 3 weeks premature. Despite that, she was in fine health and we able to come home 3 days after being born. Her name is Nadine. She's really small and squished and makes cute noises. She sleeps about 23 and a half hours a day, mostly because she's premature we're told. She caught a cold off my hell demon little sister and is all cranky now. We're hoping she gets over it and doesn't get too sick though.

It has suddenly gotten freezing cold when last week it really wasn't. It's irritating because I feel like I'm a mama bear packing on the winter fat, with all this staying inside by the fire and eating carbohydrates like it's going out of fashion. I want to get out jogging so bad and not be 50 pounds heavier next spring. I think if I can't brave the cold - I'm going to try go jogging after this - I'm going to join a gym. Preferably one of those pay by exercise ones and not the ones where you pay E400 membership and then end up never going.

The Tennant news has conjured up mixed feelings. I really wanted to see what Moffat did with Ten and now I'm afraid of the spectacularly dramatic, epic, ridiculous and grandiose crapfest RTD is imagining for the episode in which Ten regenerates. Last year I really wanted Eleven but since then I've kind of started liking Ten again so I'm caught between. I can't wait to see who they cast though. I hope we're not told - a fool's hope most likely - because I'd like to be surprised at least by who Tennant regenerates into.

I hear Pushing Daisies is basically almost cancelled and I'm hoping upon hope it won't be. I can't explain the depth of my love for that show. Especially it being all dark and cold and blah outside, coming home to watch a cheery piece of optimistic pie and love is just brilliant. It literally fills me with warmth and enthusiasm and freshness. The ratings haven't been THAT bad, better than CW shows anyway, so I wish they'd cut the budget down or something, so we can at least still have the lovely characters and scripts and like, less CGI and guest stars or something.

Yay for BBC bringing me period pieces! I've finally watched Tess of the D'Urbervilles. I'm in love with Gemma Arterton. Will be adding her to my list of girls I'd go gay for. But I'm possibly very stupid BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS A TRAGEDY AND I WAS REALLY SAD AT THE END. And you, Hans Matheson, actor I love so much - stop playing evil villains that make me despise your pretty face.

I'm not watching Little Dorrit every week, I'm collecting it up on my computer to watch all together. I remember how damn obsessed I was with Bleak House this summer when I watched it, diving headfirst from one episode to the next, so I want to be able to watch Little Dorrit all together.

When the hell is Robin Hood back? Not that I've even watched the season 2 finale, or even really care about season 3 - but just wondering. Merlin seems to have taken it's spot on the autumn/winter schedule. Speaking of, is it actually any good. I planned on watching and then I heard it was as ridiculous, anachronistic and showy as Robin Hood, and I was kind of hoping for yknow NOT that. Hence the not watching.
21st-Aug-2008 01:43 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
So Stargate Atlantis has been cancelled, or will "end its run" as they are phrasing it. Season 5 will end and then there'll be a TV movie, probably to wrap up the Wraith storyline... which, yknow has gone all of nowehere in 4 and something years. At least with the Goa'uld storyline in SG-1 which went on for 8 YEARS, it felt like we were progressing and slowly destroying the powerful System Lords. With SGA there's just random bad guys who happen to have long white hair. 

Hmm. I'm a little... perturbed by news of the cancellation, I would say, but not exactly upset. I mean... it's Stargate Atlantis for Pete's sake. I want to viciously smack Joe Flanigan / Sheppard in EVERY episode. He never gets any forking better, he's always just... irritating and look-at-me-I'm-so-sarcastic. Teyla and Rodney are the only ones I'll miss. I was getting attached to Dr Keller and Woolsey, but what can ya do? 

And who wants to bet it was cancelled to make way for the third Stargate series Stargate Universe? All I hope is that SU and the SGA movies don't get in the way of the possible future SG-1 DVD movies, because that is where I'm at, always, will this franchise. SGA hasn't topped SG-1 by a long shot and I'm dubious if SU, being set on a ship like EVERY other sci-fi show, will do much better. 

I'm just looking forward to Daniel Jackson's mid-season appearance in SGA now. And also the very final epsiode. When it ends. Thank fuck. No more Sheppard. It's unlikely they'll kill him off right? 


Damn it.
4th-Aug-2008 06:20 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara

I haven't done a meme in ages!! I like this one though, so here goes:

Top 10 Favourite TV Credit Sequences
(Opening or closing credits)
1) Name the top 10 shows and top 10 films
2) Post a vid link to the credit sequence
3) Reasons why you chose it

3rd-Aug-2008 11:29 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
- YAAAAAY!!!! Pushing Daisies season 2 trailer!! It's hilarious and crack-laden and it wants you to love it!!! Seriously, in season 1 we got 9 episode of sugar and sweetness and puppy dog eyes between Chuck and Ned, but without being able to expand to 22 episodes, I don't think we got the full spectrum of just how hyper-on-speed, totally off the wall, cartoony in a good way brilliant PD can be. This trailer shows us that yes, yes, a whole other level of rainbow coloured insanity CAN be reached. ;o)

- So right. I got into Twilight last year, and sped my way through all 3 books despite the fact that I despised everything about Bella and Edward. I was going to get Breaking Dawn just for the heck of seeing how it all ends... but having read the FUCKING HILARIOUS plot spoilers, I am so completely and utterly not bothering. Stephanie Meyer is a bad writer, the series has no discernible plot and the characters have little y'know... character, but I truly didn't think she had THIS level of utter crap, cliches, Mary Sues and the lowest depths of fan fiction plotting in her... I am gobsmacked and I simply cannot stop laughing - moreover, I downright refuse to stop laughing! This post (full of spoilers, beware) over on ONTD is bringing me the LOLS in the hugest way. 

- Also... I'm not in any of these 3 fandoms, so humour me on this: does this be true that LotR fandom looks down on the HP fandom, which in turn looks down on the Twilight fandom? I get that LotR is considered a piece of literary excellence and not simply within the fantasy genre but in all of them... but honestly, JKR is by no means a bad writer. Her writing isn't thousands of centuries deep with its own language, no, but it's witty, eccentric, subtle, dark and her characters just leap off the page, especially the trio. And I can understand looking down on Twilight so I'm not even gonna touch that one.

- Okay random comment about Doctor Who is random, but here it is - I like what happened with Rose at the end of Journey's End. I liked it in the way that I liked the emo and the tragedy at the end of Doomsday, y'know, and obviously not as in 'OMG I'm a big shipper, Ten/Rose is totally canon now bitches'. I liked the wrongess of it, I like the idea of the angst to come for Rose and Blue Ten. I like that it wasn't all's well that ends well and that Rose was left confused. Not because I hate her, but because the imperfect is more interesting than the perfect, no problems, happily ever after, in my opinion. Ten took Rose's choices from her and decided how her life should go, and the ramifications of that for both characters has really caught my imagination. How will she deal with that, how will he, how will human Ten deal with a human life? So yes, I like how everything ended not because it was shippy, or happy but because it really wasn't that shippy or happy. WHY DO I ENJOY THE ANGST???!

- OMG - recent Stargate SG-1 Comic Con reports tell me that there is most likely a third Stargate movie going into production. Holy crap that makes me happy. After the disaster that was Stargate Continuum (rehashing the season 8 finale, WTF?!) I am so glad that it won't be the last time we see SG-1 in action. Hopefully they'll be clued in on the fact that we're all there for the characters so they should y'know... include some damn character development in the next film. 

- I have Atonement, Casino Royale, and The Illusionist lined up to watch. Without spoilering me, tell me they are good films yes, flist? I have never watched a James Bond film in my life, mostly because of the cheesiness factor, but a non-dark haired, non-traditionally good looking, non-sauve-looking Bond has caught my eye in Daniel Craig. I like that he seems all fuck you I don't care how shiny my shoes are... if that makes sense.
14th-Jul-2008 06:52 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
Adorable picspam of Anna Friel and Lee Pace aka the cutest characters ever, Chuck and Ned, from Pushing Daisies. If she didn't have a life partner (Prof. Lupin FTW!) and he wasn't heavily rumoured to be somewhat gay... I would think they simply HAD to be a couple. Hell, I think that anyway. Seeing as how much they like each other, it must have really helped them play Ned and Chuck liking each other. Sigh. What a wonderful show. 

More on that - a report from Comic Com 2007, just ahead of the casts CC 08 appearance, with a report on a screening of Lee's magnificent new old movie The Fall. (I call it new old because it was filmed five years ago and it's only getting released now.)

Hmm, a behind the scenes picspam of Jensen and Jared on the Supernatural set. Usually I just watch SPN whenever I remember and LOL at the hysteric, bitchy SPN fangirls mostly, but I am actually actively looking forward to SPN's season 4. Should be exciting given the fact the one of the only two main characters is now DEAD. Can't wait to see how they get out of that. 

Also, I can't stop listening to this song, Butterflies and Hurricanes, by Muse. I never knew they were so good. Although the album the song is from isn't exactly awesome. That's the best song on it, in my opinion.
14th-Jul-2008 01:01 am(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
I saw Mamma Mia! last night with my boyfriend. He had to be forcibly dragged bitching and whining, LOL. In hindsight it was the perfect film to see with my best friend, because there were so many moments she just would've gotten and gone all a-squee with me, where as he just... y'know, didn't. 

Anyway, on Mamma Mia! - it was squee-tastic. It just makes you sit there beaming and bopping from side to side. I know ABBA so well that the songs were predictable and stuff, but it was too much fun for that to bother me. I had no idea Meryl Streep could sing, and oh my God, her voice is HUGE and strong and so emotive. Amanda Seyfried, dumbass from Mean Girls, snarky slut from Veronica Mars, is perfect as her bride to be daughter. She has so much energy and enthusism. And it's so funny, but none of the three possible dads played by Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan and Stellan Skarsgaard could carrying a single tune AT ALL. They were such bad singers. Didn't matter though because Streep and Seyfried were so good. Everything was happy, and bright, and colourful and awesome though. And Streep's two friends brought the funny, they were so natural. It was really like they all knew each other for 25 years. 

Skimming the Who Daily updates lately there is so much lengthy Ten/Rose meta from the usual suspects, but I think it's mostly all a moot point now, post-Journey's End. Sure, I ship Human Ten/Rose like mad... but when anyone goes on about how much Ten loves Rose, I just can't take it seriously ... because sure, Ten loved Rose so much he left her right back in the Alt verse she'd spent years trying to escape to find him. 

RTD couldn't even think of a real, solid reason for Ten and Rose to separate again, so it kind of completely nullifies any big emotion he may have being trying to show Ten feel for Rose. And I wouldn't have minded now in hindsight if the original Ten had professed his love and kissed the face off Rose instead of the human Ten doing it... but it kind of shows how detached Ten is. If he's supposed to love that woman, purposely separating himself from her forever is a funny way of showing it, and his final goodbye to her wasn't up to much either. 

Also, before the finale I got into The Sarah Jane Adventures and IT IS AWESOME. Luke Smith is one of my most favourite Who verse characters now. And I feel no guilt whatsoever in thinking that Clyde is hot, since the actor is actually my own age. (Although I do feel a bit squicky about thinking Luke is cute though... however, how can you NOT think that boy is cute?)

PS - LOL, look at what song I'm listening to right now. 1980's power ballads FTW.
29th-Jun-2008 01:56 pm(no subject)
Scarlett O'Hara
The just-aired Journey's End trailer on YouTube. There was a cock up and it didn't air at 1 pm like BBC said it would. It's awesome. Davros is awesome. I just... AH! I love everything about it.
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