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writer and procrastinator
So Stargate Atlantis has been cancelled, or will "end its run" as… 
21st-Aug-2008 01:43 pm
Scarlett O'Hara
So Stargate Atlantis has been cancelled, or will "end its run" as they are phrasing it. Season 5 will end and then there'll be a TV movie, probably to wrap up the Wraith storyline... which, yknow has gone all of nowehere in 4 and something years. At least with the Goa'uld storyline in SG-1 which went on for 8 YEARS, it felt like we were progressing and slowly destroying the powerful System Lords. With SGA there's just random bad guys who happen to have long white hair. 

Hmm. I'm a little... perturbed by news of the cancellation, I would say, but not exactly upset. I mean... it's Stargate Atlantis for Pete's sake. I want to viciously smack Joe Flanigan / Sheppard in EVERY episode. He never gets any forking better, he's always just... irritating and look-at-me-I'm-so-sarcastic. Teyla and Rodney are the only ones I'll miss. I was getting attached to Dr Keller and Woolsey, but what can ya do? 

And who wants to bet it was cancelled to make way for the third Stargate series Stargate Universe? All I hope is that SU and the SGA movies don't get in the way of the possible future SG-1 DVD movies, because that is where I'm at, always, will this franchise. SGA hasn't topped SG-1 by a long shot and I'm dubious if SU, being set on a ship like EVERY other sci-fi show, will do much better. 

I'm just looking forward to Daniel Jackson's mid-season appearance in SGA now. And also the very final epsiode. When it ends. Thank fuck. No more Sheppard. It's unlikely they'll kill him off right? 


Damn it.
22nd-Aug-2008 03:37 am (UTC)
Well I don't think they will kill him since they are planning to do movies for SGA just like they have for SG-1. BUT apparently SGA will air on sci-fi channel before hitting DVD. SOmething lame.

I really don't care so long as we get more JACK, daniel and SG-1. Hehe.
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