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writer and procrastinator
EEK! Going to Jersey in like 36 hours! Not packed! Have to go to… 
24th-Jun-2009 12:53 am
Martha with Red Flower
EEK! Going to Jersey in like 36 hours! Not packed! Have to go to Bureau de Change. Have to buy many essentials like those white denim shorts in New Look TAUNTING ME. I'm not a white denim gal, but damn these are pretty.

And in more urgent news. I finally watched episodes 14 - 22 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I just finished 22, and knowing how it ended now, in short, I feel gutted and sick. I wish they had done anything but cancel this show. Give it a half season of 13 episodes. A mini-series of 5 to tie up the story (though this is a story that literally has the juice to go for decades). Augh... just... more spoiler filled talk under the cut.

I have been obsessed with Terminator for years. I can recall frantically searching for the T2 DVD when I was like 15, getting my mother to hunt from one of the country to the next for it because I was so in love with the movie. Strangely, I've only seen the first film once, probably only in bits and pieces, and I don't have that much interest in it. I suppose that's because John is the draw for me. Not as a Christian Bale-sized, manly screaming action hero, but as a punk ass kid who's not too old to get a slap from his mother but not too young to hold a gun either. Edward Furlong was THE John Connor for me and always will be, but damn if Thomas Dekker didn't pick up the role well. Both he and Furlong have very pretty, almost effeminate good looks, they're still growing into men, they still answer to an overbearing mother. I LIKE these things. I like knowing that this kid will grow into a powerful, strong hero - but I don't actually have any interest in seeing that hero - that's boring. That's why I have no interest in seeing Bale shriek orders in all his passive-aggressive wisdom. 

To me the chronology is T1, T2, and TSCC. T3 and 4 do not even enter the equation because I feel they move away from the point of the series - that is, to prevent Judgment Day. That is what Kyle died for, what Sarah fought for, and what John's childhood has been about. It feels fruitless to me if it is a forgone conclusion. Having T4 set in a world where Judgment Day has been and gone isn't interesting to me because they're fighting to reclaim a broken world. I want to see them fight to keep an as-of-yet unbroken one.  

This is all very poetic indeed, but my point is, TSCC was like a dream come true for me, given I've spent years imagining what John did after T2. And now I know - TSCC told me. For my part, like I said, John is the draw. So I really have only gotten into his story line. I've grown to care about Cameron as much as he does. In fact their weird ass, possibly twisted human/cyborg sexual tension seriously drew me in. 

It was obvious nothing could happen between John and his cyborg bodyguard. I ship them in a weird way, but that still squicks me out. Seeing Allison, the girl Cameron was based on, really made me curious about who she was and if she knew John Connor. It seemed to me like she did in the interrogations. I wondered if maybe future John's reasons for keeping this reprogrammed robot so close was that she reminded him of Allison - that he'd been friends with her, loved her even. A crazed shipper idea, no doubt, on my part. 

But seeing that unbelievably excellent ending only makes me sad that everything I wanted basically came true. I wanted glimpses of the future - but had no interest in future John. Present John in the future is like, perfect, in my eyes. I was shocked at Derek's death - but it makes sense if they'd planned for all or part of season 3 to be in the future. Derek's still alive, and if they were going to return to present day, they've could've taken him with them. He's a different Derek, clearly, to me anyway - happier, less broken.  

Weaver being a GOOD Terminator was awesome. I hadn't even considered that for a millisecond. I love that her and John Henry were being set up to fight SkyNet.  I also love the whole "Will you join us?' mystery. I'm sure it would've been expanded on more clearly.

Moreover - my crack-like need for John/Cameron was almost perfectly satisfied in 2x22. We get that disturbing, yet HOT scene with topless Cameron getting John to check her for a malfunction - but John's reaction is clearly that of a teenage kid seeing a girl he lusts after half naked. He knows she's a machine, but feels for her like she's a girl, and I believe anyway, that he loved her, that he knew it was strange and twisted - but that he loved her. Seeing not only his uncle and father alive - but also his surprise at seeing the very human Allison look so much like Cameron, was SO awesome for me, and if I had season 3 to look forward to I'd be ecstatic.

All the things to look forward to would've made this show top of my list for September.... Seeing John grapple with not only having Derek back, but knowing his dad. Seeing him inhabit a world where he and his story doesn't exist because he's jumped decades and has been absent from history. Seeing / wondering what Sarah has been doing. Seeing the Weaver / John Henry / Cameron's chip plot play out. And of course, for the hopeless romantic in me - seeing John deal with the feelings he had for Cameron which he knew he could never act on, and then have the human she was modelled on right before him, who he can very definitely grow to love and have passionate sex with... Yep. Pretty awesome stuff was ahead.

Not to mention, Summer Glau, who is such a great actress, but has so rarely been allowed to stretch her wings - she's played crazy and she's played stoic robot. Seeing her play Allison, a normal rebel girl, and especially with Thomas, who I felt she had sizzling chemistry with, would've been so excellent.

I hold a pathetic, empty hope of a half season, a mini series. A renewed series on another network... I know it's pointless. It's June now and not only should they be filming now, but there's no scripts, no crew, cast disbanded etc. It's a goner. I am damn disappointed. SIGH. I can't even think about how amazing I think season 3 was going to be.

I don't get why they cancelled it. I was off the internet for so long - was it the recession and budget cuts, or bad ratings, or both? I feel like FOX cancels something as their first reaction, and they rarely pause and consider their options. Of course, they did with Dollhouse, but that was about Joss moreso than the show given the Firefly debacle. I'd rather have more TSCC than more Dollhouse in hindsight. I mean, they could've bargained - they could've done the half season thing. They could've cut the budget. The show isn't about CGI crap to me or Terminator fights, it's about a kid living up to a destiny and all that needs is great acting, which it had. 

24th-Jun-2009 12:44 pm (UTC)
I hate that it got cancelled. They took a chance and changed the entire show in what could have been a really interesting way, and I can't believe that we won't get to see where they were going with it. I think it was a ratings vs budget decision in the end, combined with the fact that they'd given it a few chances before and the ratings hadn't picked up, but still - fail, FOX. I'd really love to see another network pick it up, there's so much potential there and, like you say, the effects aren't the thing that makes it so great. It would still be an excellent show even without them.
24th-Jun-2009 03:45 pm (UTC)
I howled with rage when they cancelled it, and then Life got cancelled too and I was ready to get on a plane and starting taking out TV execs who didn't know a good thing when it sent a cyborg with a fruitbasket to kick their asses.
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