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writer and procrastinator
Who watched / is watching Garrow's Law, the 4 part period mini-series… 
28th-Nov-2009 04:29 pm
Jack is Back
Who watched / is watching Garrow's Law, the 4 part period mini-series that just BBC just aired? I watched part 1 this week. OMG, how fanciable is Andrew Buchan? Yes I've seen him in Jane Eyre and Cranford, but it's like during watching him as Garrow that IT JUST HIT ME that he is extremely attractive... mostly when he's being a 17th century barrister powerfully laying a legal smackdown on someone in court.

OMG, Bradley and Colin's Welsh road trip trailer. Everyone's already seen it, but STILL. Merlin behind the scenes is almost as compelling to watch as the ACTUAL SHOW. I laughed so hard at the series 1 extras especially Colin and Bradley sneaking about like 9 year olds pulling pranks on Angel Coulby. So I will definitely be watching this tonight! If the episode of Merlin didn't look so hilarious and cracky I'd probably be anticipating the road trip more! Augh, what shall I do when Merlin is gone for another 9 months?!!! I suppose Being Human and Ashes to Ashes and DOCTOR WHO YAY! will have to suffice.

Have been waiting for this ever since it was announced - Sci-Fi channel's (I refuse to use SyFy) miniseries based on Alice in Wonderland. Their reimagining of The Wizard of Oz in Tin Man was so brilliant, so I was really excited about this. On seeing the trailer I'm less impressed than I expected. It doesn't look as original or creative as Tin Man and I'm not sure about the actress playing Alice.. but big surprise for me in Andrew-Lee Potts playing Hatter... I LOVE THIS GUY. As entertaining as Primeval is, Andrew / Connor is my biggest reason for watching so I'm glad he's in this.

Still obsessed with Skeet Ulrich. Am watching Jericho again. He's still awesome and action man-y and with the traumatic criminal past. Discovered Miracles, his cancalled 2003 show about an ex-miracle investigator for the church, who has a near death experience and begins to see all these visions and ghosts and it's really, really brilliant.

Also discovered the cracky addiction that is The Vampire Diaries. Let's just say now that I despise Twilight and wanted nothing to do with this surge in vampire crap. Buffy is THE vampire show for me, mostly because the lead is kick ass, strong, and her life does not begin and end with Angel and Spike - she survived Angel leaving town, she broke up with Spike... she can deal with having no man in her life, unlike Bella/Edward. I like True Blood for how irreverant and fucking hilarious it is, not so much for the vampire stuff. So I check out the books The Vampire Diairies are based on first, just to see for myself and didn't like them that much, but I saw good things written about the show, so I checked it out, and it is a very well-written, tightly plotted and involving show.

It is about a vampire/human love story but there's so much more going on, even if I didn't like Stefan and Elena as much as I do, you've got Bonnie's witch plot, Damon's bitchy and casual evilness, the town council shenanigans, the Katherine backstory... it's all pretty damn good. I kept waiting for it to disappoint, I kept waiting for something cliched to be said or to happen and it didn't. I was traumatised by the creator's previous work on Dawson's Creek. As good as DC could be, the dialogue is cringeworthy and the over-analysing to the point of meaninglessness got to me so much.

Oh and I sort of went mental and posted a massive Period Pieces picspam for picspammy here. It was like a compulsion, I just had to get it out of my system. I think I'm addicted to picspams. I keep thinking of new themes for them.
29th-Nov-2009 08:50 am (UTC)
I'm still in love with your layout, my dear.

ROADTRIP! Thank-you for this handy dandy link- tis time to watch again before I get out of bed. And have a gander at your picspam.

How is your new term going? xXx
29th-Nov-2009 05:35 pm (UTC)
My term is over now. I have 4 essays and 2 exams for end of semester though so I'm feeling the pressure. And I caught the flu from my little sister, so am trying to finish essays this weekend whilst feeling HORRIBLE. I hate pulling all nighters, but it keeps happening recently!

ARGH! But how about you!!?? ;o)
1st-Dec-2009 05:21 am (UTC)
! Andrew Lee Potts is my reason for watching that miniseries as well. I love him as Connor!

I am behind on Merlin and cannot wait to get caught up on the episodes, watch the behind the scenes and the road trip.
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