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writer and procrastinator
UGH. Have caught the lurgy. AM SICK. Excuse me for believing that… 
29th-Nov-2009 07:21 pm
Scarlett O'Hara
UGH. Have caught the lurgy. AM SICK. Excuse me for believing that baby sisters are for kissing and face squishing. No. In fact they are deadly carriers of icky colds. Admittedly, the baby is suffering as much as I am, only cannot take hardcore drugs to help herself.... is Lemsip considered hardcore? It is blackberry flavour instead of regular old lemon...

Worst of all, I have two essays due tomorrow. I need to hit a deadline and I haven't slept in two days because of this flu and my other sister's honking, papa seal chest cough, which kept my awake all night. Luckily one essay is finished. Now I just need to put the shoulder to the wheel and get another 3,000 words down, comparing Disney's Sleeping Beautyand its base text Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur. Which is highly coincidental considering how preoccupied I am by Merlin right now... Arthur, Gwen... Arthur/Gwen... plot bunnies are arising and I HAVE NO TIME TO COMMIT THEM TO PAPER. And like many other Bradley / Arthur / Merlin fans right now I suspect, I have You're the Voice stuck in my damn head. The guy must have driven the set mad with this song. Here is a longer, epic compilation of Bradley and Colin enacting the song. Colin does not seem impressed with John Farnham as Bradley is. LOL.

Have Bon Jovi's new album. It's more the same really. Since Crush and the mega hit that was It's My Life, each album seems to have the repeatedly played radio / stadium anthem, the angsty love song / ode to wife, the song directed at down to earth working class folk, etc etc. Not complaining, I love this bang, always will. Just making an observation. But I like this album in any case. It does seem a bit more introspective and angsty.
29th-Nov-2009 08:45 pm (UTC)
Blackberry flavoured Lemsip? That actually sounds so yummy! Feel better soon though, ugh being sick is the worst.

I love that video of Colin and Bradley so much but sweet lord baby jesus I hate that song lol!
1st-Dec-2009 03:53 am (UTC)
Okay this is a really short fic. I had to recommend it though! It is basically what Arthur is thinking/feeling during the epic kiss of epicness. It is honestly not long and so worth the read!


1st-Dec-2009 05:30 am (UTC)
I hope you are feeling better. I am getting over being sickish for almost 2 weeks so I know how you feel.

That video is awesome. But that mustache on Bradley isn't working for me hehe.

Is lemsip a tea?
3rd-Dec-2009 02:38 pm (UTC)
I feel better now, am mostly fine except for the odd sniffle! Lemsip is a lemon-flavoured drink for cold and flu with a thousand tons of paracetemol in it! I HATE the taste of it but when I feel like crap I'll take anything!
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