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writer and procrastinator
Blegh. Still sick. I have had the flu more times in the last 5… 
31st-Dec-2009 05:11 pm
Scarlett O'Hara
Blegh. Still sick. I have had the flu more times in the last 5 months that I have altogether in the last couple of years. Am not pleased by this. WHY ME? I'm a psycho about eating mah veg and taking mah vitamins and I'm always the responsible one with a scarf and an umbrella to ward off the cruel winds and rains.... SIGH.

I've been perusing Arthur/Gwen fics. Even though I love this pairing I've only just kind of realised HOW much I love them, to the point of them being my OTP for 2009 basically. RIchard/Kahlan from Legend of the Seeker come close just because of the awesome slow motion back-to-back fighting they do, and the way they scream each other's names so very much. Oh and the sizzlingly hot chemistry. But A/G win out of pure unadulterated squee they generate.

Last night a fabulous gal posted these A/G manips / artwork for some fics (I later read and loved the fics too), but the artwork is STUNNING. Really seamless.

I'm in love with this post on ONTD about the Babysitter's Club books being re-released and updated. It turned into an all out love fest on childhood books. I was a Babysitter's Club obsessive, for certain. Sweet Valley High was probably my big thing though, I went all out for that series - at age 10 I learned the art of scouring second hand bookshops for the older books, the out of print editions from like 1984 or something. I was actually successful a lot of the time. I also read the Sabrina the Teenage Witch books - which were way better than the show, similar to the original Sabrina movie actually. And of course, I fangirled the Buffy books like a crazy person. Some of them were so well written, I actually take certain stories as canon.

Mmmkay, so I'm sick, and shaky, haven't eaten much this week, most likely I look like crap as well, but it's New Year's, and it's my BFF's boyfriend's birthday as well, and there's a party on, so I have to go out tonight and be with them all. Wherever I am with mah BFF it equals fun times, and I'll probably be drunk after one glass of wine because of having eaten so little, so I think there'll be some hilarious photos of the night posted on here tomorrow. Ugh now I have to shower and moisterise and de-hair and primp and try not to look like I am plague-ridden.

And OMG - Ten is going to die tomorrow. This is weird. And the BBC confirmed that we'll get an Eleven trailer, so that makes me happy that there is at least the basic amount of continuity between this era and Moffat's. I was getting all ansty about series5 being labelled 'series 1' by the production. And er, YAY, for seeing Eleven in action for a few seconds!!! Can't wait. My sadness at Ten's demise will probably evaporate the moment I see Matt.
1st-Jan-2010 04:31 am (UTC)
UGH being sick. Girl I feel you *HUG*

Is your BFF still dating the brother or is it best friend of your ex? I wonder because that would be awkward as I assume the EX will be there.

Cannot wait for the pictures. :P

I am SO SO excited for an eleven trailer. Thank you for telling me that as I will make sure I see it. I will be online tomorrow impatiently waiting a download. I bet it will be insane.
1st-Jan-2010 04:41 am (UTC)
Hi there! Happy new year!

The party was so-so, but seeing guys I haven't seen in SO long was awesome. I have some nice photos that I hope to upload soon!

And yes my BFF is with my ex's brother, who is the far better brother, trust me. He and my BFF are so devoted and halfway down the aisle.

I probably won't be seeing DW live, which is a kick in the face seeing as this is the first regeneration that I will have been present for as it happens - I only caught up on Nine once I'd already seen Ten's first few episodes. The internet really is going to be insane after it. I bet Gallifrey Base will actually just crash, full stop. This is going to be epic.
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