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writer and procrastinator
It goes all the way up to Eleven. 
2nd-Jan-2010 04:37 am
Eleven and Amy
Spoilers and flailing and angsting and OMGs ahoy. I am just GAAAAAH mostly.

So I decided after Part 1 that I was underwhelemed and that this was a crap send off for Ten - RTD was going to have to BRING IT for me to change my opinion. And you know what.... I think he did. For me anyway. The Master being everyone fucked things over for me, I couldn't handle the silliness... BUT the drum beat in his head being placed there by the Time Lords, then magnified by his being like 6 billion people in order to call them to Earth... damn it if it doesn't make sense. Crazy person RTD-fake-science sense... but never the less!!!!

So I really quite like the Master plot tying in with the Time Lord plot. I loved what we saw of the Time War. I am suitably confused over the single two people who protested the vote and were put to stand behind Rassilon in shame. And yes, I know Dalton's character being Rassilon Means Something. I've heard the name but have no clue what the character has done in the past. But anyway - I thought that the other figure covering their face would be significant. It looked a lot like Matt and that's not my crazy person Matt-fancier brain talking crap here. I mean, if the other figure was of no importance, why not just have ONE person against the vote - the woman in white? 

And that woman... so we never get confirmation on who she is, just a vague glance from Ten to Donna, which either means that the woman is Donna, which I don't really think, or that he's looking at Donna because she's Wilf's granddaughter and thus the woman is his granddaughter Susan OR, Donna was wearing white as a bride and the woman wore white (I heard that's significant)... so she's his wife? I don't know. I wish it'd been cleared up, but I'm getting a weird to be continued feeling. Like maybe that other figure IS Matt and that woman's identity will be revealed... just later on, in another Moffat episode.

The irony of Ten's death was just astounding. He defeats his greatest enemy, he gets dragged back into the Time War, and survives, only to die through the noble act of saving a friend. It's a very epic and yet a very simple death in many ways. I also freaking loved that he says 'and now I get my reward' which is basically visiting his companions, those are the fruits of his labours, those brilliant people are what Ten has to show for and what he will leave as a legacy and I think he knew that. 

And my Martha! OMG SUCH a surprise, I sat with my hand literally clapped on my mouth for her whole scene. Yes I was a bit miffed by the about-turn with her marriage actually having been to Mickey instead of Tom, but you know I'm not so bothered. I fucking love Mickey, that hot ass man, I actually just lust after him, AHEM. Two of my favourite characters ending up together makes the shock no't such a big deal for me. And I sat there also going 'Martha will SO have a double barrel name, so will it be Smith-Jones... Jones-Smith?' And so I loved when the credits actually listed her as Martha Smith-Jones. The ONE time RTD's mind and mine actually are in sync.

I just love with all my heart Ten visiting all his companions and not really speaking to them! Not really sharing ANY moment of great importance with them, even which he spoke to Rose - it's a passing conversation that she obviously forgets totally about. He just kind of went back for himself, to see them, check they're okay, and let them know that he's going, it's his time.

OKAY ELEVEN TIME NOW? Yeah, I was sold long ago on Eleven, but now I'm just gone. I'm going to be one of those irritating Doctor fanciers. Can't help it. I adore Matt, and I really really liked his take on the Doctor. Even if his first scene was reminiscent of Ten / Tennant's first scene with the madness and the inspecting of the body parts and the flailing, so what? I won't mind a bombastic Doctor, and in any case the trailer shows him as being a different character in other ways.

Awesome trailer, by the freaking way. Eleven with the RayBans! Punching someone! Attacking a Dalek! Getting snogged by Amy! River falling on him, a la Gwen with Arthur in 2x01 of Merlin! And just generally him walking in that motherfucking alpha male, I own your lands and your peoples type way and me just being awed and loving every second.

I am so happy with Ten's send off and his era, though flawed, was wonderful and it was nice to see his story wrapped up in such a way. I was bawling as he died, but like I've seen many people say, my tears turned to guffaws and laughs as Eleven flung himself about the exploding TARDIS. I think that's a good reaction - sadness at Ten's passing but immediately feeling happy for Eleven's arrival. And I loved Ood Sigma's really lovely comment - Your song is ending but the story goes on. A nice thing for RTD to write, and very poignant and fitting in that yes, Ten did die... but there's so much more story to tell.

And I didn't like his last words. I don't want to go seems like a woe is me, emo last sentence for Ten to say... but you know that's one of my only complaints. I'm so excited for series 5. It's going to be FUN. 

2nd-Jan-2010 06:04 am (UTC)
You are the second person to think that the companions KNEW it was the last time they would see him. I didn't take that from the scenes, but I suppose that is the correct thought.

Well maybe Sarah Jane knew but she is just smart like that.

I don't get how the two parts could be so drastically different. Unless RTD did it on purpose - make the first one so insane that the second would have that much more emotional impact?

Regardless. Ten is gone and he got an excellent send off.

Now though? It is Eleven's time and I am ready.
2nd-Jan-2010 01:16 pm (UTC)
I'm so excited for Eleven and Moff, I cannot even.

Your song is ending but the story goes on. A nice thing for RTD to write
I agree, it's such a generous sentiment. I've had my issues with Rusty (UNDERSTATEMENT) but what he's achieved with Who is entirely amazing.

3rd-Jan-2010 08:07 pm (UTC)
Yes on the whole I think DW has been excellent, but RTD is not the Joyceian master he and so many others seem to think him. Sometimes he's down right CRAP. But I won't put my Moffact hat on and put all my faith in him without question - I'm going into this just as eager but tentative as before. Hopefully Moffat will be as twisty, dark, cracky and intricate as I think he is.
3rd-Jan-2010 07:58 pm (UTC)
3rd-Jan-2010 08:08 pm (UTC)
I love your icon too! Everything's so exciting now isn't it? I've felt so BLAH about DW at least since Journey's End and now it's all new and fresh and squee-making again!
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